Are you playing with the idea of ​​sexually correct living and dating several women at the same time? It is definitely possible and not that complicated …

Today you will learn how to date several women at the same time, how to sleep with them and how they all know each other …

The art is to be honest with everyone without drama or bitchiness ..

The question I get asked again and again is: “How do you meet all these different women without breaking their hearts, what are you doing?”

Therefore today’s article …

How to date multiple women at the same time without breaking hearts

If you follow this advice, you will be able to meet a lot of women, but you don’t have to lie to or trick them. You won’t have to feel bad about it, and more importantly, women won’t feel bad.

Let’s say you meet a woman, the first thing is to think about her expectations.

A lot of women are open to short-term relationships, and some are open to short and long-term relationships.

But there are also very good women who may not sleep with anyone, who do not sleep with many men and who have never had a one-night stand and would never do it.

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These “well-behaved” women need 3 or 4 weeks to have sex with you. This group of women should of course not be on your radar if you want to date several women at the same time – this type of women never agrees …

You should think about it when you meet her, ask her about past relationships, understand her behavior, and notice if she is that type of woman.

Keep that in mind.

The next thing is your own behavior, you have several different options.

You don’t really have to be deeply connected to a woman.

So you have to don’t tell your childhood stories when you got upset and felt bad and stuff like that.

Every time you talk about profound stuff, it builds a relationship between the two of you.

But it’s not the only way to turn her on so that she finds you attractive or to the point that she sleeps with you.

It is also possible to be just funny, to have fun. You can also just go on a good date with exciting activities and have a good time together without having to have these in-depth conversations.

Keep it simple and fun, it will bring you the same result, it will bring you together in the bedroom. But without having to fool them in any way, or establish a deep relationship, or make them fall in love with you.

The second thing is obvious – you have to be quick. The longer you wait to have sex, the slower you go, the more she thinks about whether you could be her boyfriend or start something serious.

When she gets to the point that she wants something serious from you, it can be very difficult to just sleep with her and leave her.

If you sleep together after 1, 2 or 3 dates, she can’t really say that she’s in love with you, especially if all she did was go out for a few drinks and have light conversations … that’s real critical if you plan to date several women at the same time …

  • Date several women at the same time and be honest with them
  • And the next thing is that you can be honest.
  • She asks you e.g. “Do you meet other women?”
  • You: “Yes I do.”
  • Uninterested women can go here. Why shouldn’t you meet other women?

I meet e.g. with several women and if I like one of them, I get rid of the others and only meet with her.

So to be honest really serves you, it shows the woman that you are an attractive man, it is attractive to be honest, it is refreshing for her, but it also gives you the point of view for future bitches or conversations which is:

  • Look, I told you I was going to meet other women, so what can you expect?
  • Finally, a few things.
  • Don’t meet too often, don’t meet every day.

If you want at most every 3-4 days. And keep the right distance, so that she doesn’t think this is my friend.

Second, don’t write all the time. And don’t have a contact like: every morning: good morning, every night: good night.

It bad because it makes you look like a loser.

Someone who has nothing better to do.

The second is that it gets too much attention, like this: I’m here, I’m yours. And that sends the wrong message.

There’s a lot more to tell about how as a man you can date and sleep with multiple women at the same time, but that should be a good foundation for becoming the kind of man who doesn’t sadden women, who doesn’t break hearts, but still is able to meet with several women.

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