You know it, you have something to do with a woman and whenever it starts to run really well, she lets you sit … mostly for the same reasons that you probably didn’t notice

To be left sitting on a date by a woman or if you have had something going on for a few months is just annoying …

You are extremely looking forward to the date next weekend with your new acquaintance …

Everything is planned perfectly and she doesn’t show up or quits 5 minutes beforehand with a flimsy excuse …

Exactly what and how you avoid being left sitting is what today’s article is about

Never be left sitting

I just remember the time when I was pretty good at talking to women in bars. And I was able to get her to date.

But then …

If I had them in a relationship, everything would go away after a few weeks and they would let me sit.

And it was because I always seemed pretty interesting to the woman at first, after that I started to be demanding and pushy, I wrote to them all the time. E.g. constantly asked what they do.

I wanted to do something with them on Tuesday, then Wednesday, and when they were busy, “How about Thursday?”

I always asked the woman where she was, and what a surprise that she reacted negatively when she was out with friends.

Another example: I went out with a woman a couple of times and then I suggested we watch a TV show.

And then we started with a season of “Lost” or whatever it was at that time.

And we watched the first episode, and that was the reason to meet.

The relationship lasts as long as the season of the TV show lasted.

But it took me a while to understand that maintaining a relationship with a woman you really like needs some work.

Otherwise, you end up getting women and you will end up leaving. That fully affects you …

What you have to do to not be left sitting is a series of things.

Never be left sitting – what you can do about it

The first is to understand why she originally liked you.

If you were just good, you were cool, and determined, and strong, and funny, you know, all these things, and all these things in the first meeting. That’s probably why she likes you.

So when you fast forward a month or two, when you’re in a relationship, and you complain about work, and you’re lazy about your looks, you ask them what they want to do instead of being dominant and ideas themselves to have.

Classic example. If she liked you because you became a kind of playboy and had other women around you all the time, and now if you are in a relationship, you start to cling … and you say things like: I just like you, you are the only woman for me

This completely destroys the attraction …

Hence the first point:

Remember what she liked about you, what she found attractive and continue to do it.

The second thing I think that is pretty important is to maintain some challenge.

Okay, you shouldn’t write to her all the time, you shouldn’t always say that you love her, post photos with her e.g.

They say it’s ok and a man should show his feelings.

That’s right, yes, a little, but not too much. Let a woman show it more. If you think about it, it’s a very feminine thing.

The hearts, and the pictures, the romantic things, good and right – but it’s more feminine.

It’s never balanced in a relationship, it’s never 50:50. So, she should do more, she is the woman.

You are the man, you are stronger. It’s female, it’s emotional, it’s empathetic, right? So she should do more.

You may think it’s okay to say baby you are the best woman and I love you so much.

It is definitely not. This is something you say after 6 months or a year, definitely not for the beginning.

So keep up the challenge, keep your own life.

You know, I’ve always given up things for women. I gave up my friends, gave up my plans, was there for them every day.

Totally wrong. You want to keep up the challenge, you want to have your interesting activities, you stay busy, you want all your communication on the level: high status, cool guy.

How would he behave? Would he run after everything, usually a younger girl, do whatever she says is always available when she wants to

In reality it’s not that difficult to get a relationship going, but sometimes you make mistakes, and then the crucial mistake that most men make, and as I said, I did that when you noticed that they were interested loses and it moves away from you, what’s your answer to that?

Never be left sitting – classic mistakes

She didn’t write me a message.

Why not? She doesn’t answer as often as before. Hey baby, I just wanted to tell you that I think of you, I miss you.

Totally wrong.

I should buy her a present. I should buy her flowers. Totally wrong.

So imagine it moves away and you chase it. You urge them. And she thinks: Oh, I need some space.

She just thinks she needs space and you chase her.

In this case, if she moves away more, be less sociable. You have to do the same, you have to move away, you have to start doing your own things, to have your own plans.

Not sending her so many messages, not responding so quickly. And you are waiting for her to come back.

And then you can come back there too, and if you have this dynamic, this polarity, it moves away, you move away instead of chasing, it’s a nice way to keep the balance in the relationship.

And it is very normal that you have such situations in the first 6 months and it takes time to get it right.

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