You think you have to invest time and be constantly available for the woman – to read her every wish from her lips?

Keyword of today’s article: women never run after!

It’s basically about how men run after women for sex and the psychology behind it.

Run after women – do the following thought experiment

Imagine you were in the position of the woman.

So in this situation, imagine you are a woman and you have a man around you who wants to sleep with you.

How will he behave He will always say: Good morning, how are you? Do we want to meet later?

So he gives her a lot of attention, probably compliments her and stuff.

And in rare cases, he may give her gifts, offer help, and generally be a polite and kind person.

So how will you feel as a woman in her place against the man who is constantly chasing you?

You will feel you would be valuable, you would feel good

And above all, you will feel that you have power over this man.

Because you are in the command position.

And you can basically influence his feelings, because you know exactly if you agree to a date he will be happy. If you cancel then he will be rather sad. He’ll run after you if you make yourself scarce …

So you’re in a position of power than the average girl doesn’t have as much power in her life. That doesn’t mean a lot of power in the job, in the family etc.

That means again in such situations with men it is often the only power they have, so that is why it will last as long as possible.

Women do not have the same desire for sex as men.

They generally prefer sex in connection with emotions. So it can wait a long time. She won’t have the thought:

Oh, I really want to get laid today, I have to call him and say I need him.

That will not happen.

What you can do instead of running after women

So what should you do? You now understand what you shouldn’t do, you now understand what is bad.

And here are a few things that will get you out of this position or make sure you don’t even get in there:

The first thing I think I’ve used a lot is social understanding …

Just use social understanding, bite your tongue, don’t compliment all the time.

Under no circumstances do you just want to come across friendly and immediately slide into the friend zone …

Something that is also good is to show her that you are a sexual being.

But show it the right way. Show her, for example, that you have women in your life, that you are a sexual being and that you find women attractive …

The second thing I do is that I am pretty much unbound. I don’t write to her all the time. Robert Cialdini’s new book talks about a study in which women think about men who have not given them a rating.

So there are 10 men, 7 of them have already given her a rating and then there are these 3 men who have not given her a rating yet and she is thinking about it desperately.

These are the ones she is constantly worried about …

Not those who gave her a 2 out of 10, not those who gave her a 10 out of 10.

That is why I always say in communication “less is more.”

So, don’t write too much. And keep it to a minimum.

And also, leave some compliments unspoken. She is with you, everything is going well, there is no reason to say too much before you have sex with her. After you have sex it’s okay. You can tell her that she is beautiful, that she is wonderful. You will learn how to compliment a woman in the right way here: Compliments for women

Here too, of course, to a limited extent.

But before that there’s really no reason, it won’t get you anywhere. On the contrary, it can put you in this difficult situation where she just wrapped you around your little finger.

The next thing I think it worked for me is not to put too much pressure on it.

You know men may do things like putting your hand on your lap and if you don’t have a problem with it, keep your hand there all night.

And then they move to the shoulder, and then they come a little closer, and it’s okay for them. And then they stay there.

It’s okay to do that for a while and then take your hand away.

It’s about getting the thought in her head, letting her feel it for a moment and then taking it away.

And she sees that you have self-control and that in turn communicates that you are not desperate.

You can be in a bar with a woman you recently met, and instead of sticking to her all night, you go away and say something like: I go to the bathroom and say hello to my friends.

And you let them sit there … Most men never do anything like that. And then you’ll come back in an hour or so. So, this is just an example, I’m not telling you to do this, but it’s more about the message you bring that you’re not stuck and needy.

More advanced variant

You turn the tables and push them into the friend zone, you don’t give them much, you are a gentleman, you are really cool, and you keep them close and you meet with them. But you tend to record and leave it, you stay very relaxed.

To the point where she thinks what’s going on, why doesn’t he try, all the other men are chasing me. She has 5 men running after her, which will be because she is a pretty single woman.

Who will she think of?

The other 4 guys who keep writing to you: Good night. Good Morning. How are you today baby

Or the one guy who doesn’t write to you for a few days.

The one guy who doesn’t desperately try to meet her. This is an advanced variant and is only recommended if you are already experienced seducers and can also correctly interpret the signals of the woman …

It is always advisable to think from the woman’s perspective.

Remember how much power you give the woman when you give the woman a choice whether to meet you, whether to give you sex.

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